i2C Failed to write reg: Input/output error

Hello, i an trying to add additional Hardware to the i2c bus. While it works fine without the NAVIO2 (Pi only) i can not get an answer from my sonar via the NAVIO i2c port.
i2cdetect works and finds the correct address
i2cget results in an error
i also tried using the i2cdev functions but i also receive a “Failed to write reg: Input/output error”

i try to connect a SRF02 which returns a revision number upon read from the register 0x00

anybody got an idea why i get the error?

Thanks R

As it is always the case, you search for a solution all day long, come to the conclusion to ask the community, and then all at once you find your solution.

the baud rate in the NAVIO image differs from the original jessie. i changes in to 400k
see http://www.mindsensors.com/blog/how-to/change-i2c-speed-with-raspberry-pi

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