I2C Communication with Reach RTK

Hi! I am posting because I am having issues eastablishing an I2C communication connection between my Reach RTK “Rover” and an Arduino 101. Currently, I am simply connecting the SCL, SDA, and GND pins from the Reach module to the corresponding pins on the Arduino.

In order to establish a connection I have been using the standard I2C scanner from Arduino’s website (Arduino Playground - I2cScanner) to determine the address of the Reach RTK. When running the sketch I am only receiving errors or “No I2C devices connected.” Is there anyone who has had experience establishing the I2C connection or know where to find the addresses of the device and its registers?

Thanks for your help!

I’ve had some design experience with i2c long ago. Did you check voltage level compatibility? Edison is 1.8V, but I don’t know about Reach or Arduino.

I2C is multi-master, so there are some basic rules regarding which device becomes master. Also, have seen comments that Edison/Reach may share SPI lines with other devices & might be busy.

Hopefully, one of the Emlid crew will have more insight into the interface. I did internet search on Arduino i2C and level shifters were needed in some cases.

I intend to get into some I2C interfacing, but have higher priorities at the moment. I have an I2C Data analyzer, but not time to look at interface as yet.

@jessica.n.senna Hello! Reach does not work as I2C slave device.

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