I would like to know if your Reach_RS2_LoRa wireless module can be used legally in Korea

In Korea’s Wireless Facilities Administration Act (Articles 6, 7 and 8), there are restrictions on wireless facilities as follows.

=== Below ===
Article 6. In case of using frequency hopping method
16 or more non-overlapping channels should be used and the continuous occupancy time per channel should be within 0.4 seconds

Article 7. When using the Listen Before Transmission method
Transmit radio waves only when the received signal strength is -65 dBm or less after receiving more than 5 ms before transmission, and stop transmitting within 4 seconds and pause for more than 50 ms.

Article 8. In case of using a method other than items 6 and 7
The occupancy time of a specific channel must be within 2% during a random 20 second period

I would like to know if your Reach RS2 LoRa wireless module can be used legally in Korea.

Hi @outeyekil,

Sorry for the delayed answer.

Yes, you can use Reach RS2 in Korea. There are no applied restrictions on the RS2 LoRa module that prevents using the receiver legally in the country.

Depending on the country, various LoRa frequencies are allowed by the government requirements on wireless modules. For Korea, it is allowed to use LoRa only in the range from 920.0 MHz to 923.0 MHz. This range will be automatically set on RS2 once you go through the first setup.

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