I want to get UAV coordinates with FIXRTK on RS +

I’m thinking of using it in a UAV. Is it possible to get coordinates by connecting to Bluetooth with the agricultural drone app? APP is considering VK-FLY’s V7-AG flight controller app.

I think you can get the coordinates by using REACH RS + in ROVER mode.
I would like to use REACH RS + with RTK. Input RTK data to RS + with RS232C cable and fixRTK in rover mode. Connect Android to Rs + via Bluetooth and use the Android app to investigate and score with cm accuracy. The RS232C data to be input to RS + is RTCM3.0 of NMEA0183.
Am I feasible?

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The workflow you’ve described is possible: Reach can receive corrections via RS-232 and output its position via Bluetooth. Still, I’d like to clarify some details to understand your setup better.

If I understood you correctly, you want to send corrections to Reach RS+ from the VK V7-AG base station? After that, you want to share the RS+ position via Bluetooth to the flight controller app?

Thank you message.

I don’t have reach rs +. I am thinking of buying. I don’t know much about reach rs.

I was able to enter the location information from the base of hi-target into the vk-fly app. With bluetooth.
However, my hi-target model entered rtcm3 with rs232c and could not correct it.

I use two Android devices. The first one uses ntrip and sends rtcm3 to reach rs via bluetooth and rs232c.
The second unit receives location information from reach rs via bluetooth.
This is how it is used.

Thank you for more details!

It’s possible to send corrections to Reach RS+ from your Android device via Bluetooth. To arrange such a connection, you can use Lefebure NTRIP Client.

Then you can use the Lefebure app to establish a positioning data stream to your flight controller app via Bluetooth. Besides being an NTRIP Client, this app supports Android mock location feature. It allows getting positional data streamed from Reach instead of your device’s built-in GPS.

For more information, I’d recommend you to check out our guide about pairing Reach with an Android device.

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Thanks for the message!
It can be used as I imagine.
I learned.
Thank you!

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You’re welcome! Drop me a line in case you have any questions :slight_smile:

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