I want to download logs through mission planner from NAVIO2!

Image: Raspbian Stretch SD card imag,(md5)
Ardupilot version: arducopter-3.5

I want to download logs from navio2 and analyze it in mission planners.However, it is displayed with “No logs to downlord” even if I click “Download DataFlash” Log via Mavlink in mission planners.
In addition, I checked the directory /var/APM/logs of NAVIO2. (Where is the log file?)There was not the file there.

Thank you.

Have you armed your drone? In case you haven’t, you need to set DISARMED_LOGGING parameter.

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Yes. I armed my drone. and I enabled LOG_DISARMD parameter. and LOG_FILE_DSRMROT parameter too.

Okay, that’s strange!

Could you please launch arducopter from command line like this:

sudo arducopter

Then press Ctrl-C after a couple of seconds and send screenshot of what’s going on.

I’m also interested in output of ls /var/APM

I am sorry that a reply is late.
I sent phots.

“Bad Logging” and “No GPS” are displayed in Mission Planner.Are these related?
However, I absolutely are not allowed to fly multi-copiers in places where GPS will arrive.

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