I think I found the reason why rpi cm3+ and navio2 are not connected, but I have a question

I am the person who wants to connect rpi compute module 3+(cm3+) and navio2.
First of all, I connected the pin from dev kit using an extension line just like the pin map of rpi 3b+ connected to navio2 similar to the link below.
But I didn’t do anything.
I compared rpi 3b+ gpio and rpi cm3+ gpio to find the reason.
(sudo gpio readall) command used.
But I found out that some pins have different values.
So I entered the command to change the value of pin.
Unfortunately, however, it cannot be changed.
When gpio mode is input, the value is high and when gpio mode is output, the value is low.
If you change gpio mode to output, change the value to low, and change the gpio mode to input again, the value changes to high again.

So here’s the question.
Is there any way to change the gpi value of rpi?
What I want is to automatically have the mode and value that I want when the rpi is booted.

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me which file and where to modify.
I apologize for my lack of English and the translation is not smooth.
Please check it out.
Thank you.

Hi @osung1598,

We can hardly be of help with such a configuration since Navio2 is not tailored for integrations with this board.

Navio2 depends on a set of GPIO pins with specific functions. You can check the pinout here. If Raspberry Pi Compute Module has a pinout that differs from the supported ones, it might indicate that this integration won’t work flawlessly.