I need help configuring the raspberry pi 4

Hey guys,

I am still pretty new to the programming community, so I don’t understand everything.
Currently I am working on a 3D Printed Quadcopter which delivers medicine autonomously. I have finished the 3D Model and have printed everything and when I started working with the raspberry pi I read all the instructions and tutorials yet I still have problems. When I want to edit the network configurations the raspberry pi says I don’t have admin rights but I have. I have now reformatted the SD around 3 Times but I have the problems every single time. Another thing would be the Ardupilot interface which you should see when you ssh into the raspberry pi. This doesn’t appear either when I do that.
If anybody could send a video or screen recording of them following the steps, it would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
A tired drone enthusiast

Hi @Matura,

Welcome to the community forum!

If you’re using Windows, please open the wpa_supplicant.conf file via Notepad with selected Run as administrator.

With a Unix-like system, you can edit the file using the following commands:

  • sudo vi ./wpa_supplicant.conf
  • sudo nano ./wpa_supplicant.conf

I’d suggest trying to run ssh pi@navio.local command. It may resolve the issue.

Please note that you can ssh to Navio2 from your computer when both devices are in the same network. If Navio2’s IP address doesn’t appear in the list, it might mean that it’s not connected to your local network.


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