I need help calibrating my ESC's with navio2

Hey Marc,

I hope your week has been great so far. I ended up buying bl heli 32’s from ndici and DYS samguk shu motors. They paired almost instantly after the esc calibration. Now the next thing is…

How do I make sure that motor 1 and motor 2 on my x copter frame build are spinning counter clockwise?
Can program these two motors to spin counter clockwise?
Do I need to rewire them? or is it better to program the direction now that I have more advanced esc’s?
how can I tell witch direction the motor is spinning?

Thanks man, get back to me soon.


If your motor is soldered to esc it is easier to reprogram the esc for CW-CCW.

To verify the sens of rotation, do a motor test (without propeller). Speed is low and you sense the rotation with your finger on the side of the can.


Hey Marc,

I’m sorry for the constant questions, but its just that i am still confused. The motor test spins all motors clockwise in clockwise order of A,B,C, and D which ends up being that A is = to motor 1, B = motor 4, C = motor 2 and D = to motor 3. All motors spin clockwise for the test and i understand thats normal thats how its supposed to be for the test, however,
When I arm the copter all motors still appear, to the touch, to still be spinning clockwise.
I thought the motors would spin in their direction by what pins they were connected to, (like pins 1,2,3,4 consecutively like here, https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/ardupilot/typical-setup-schemes/ ) at least thats what the arducopter information page dictates by my understanding, yet all motors still spin clockwise.

I tried to fly the quadcopter, but the thing flipped over and busted my props in half. Luckily no damage to the important stuff, but I dont want to risk another set of props and risk damaging my quadcopters essential components. As I have spent a pretty penny on all of them.

Maybe you can help me troubleshoot whats going on here, or maybe I am missing something?
Why do my motors spin in the same direction even though the esc’s are connected to the proper locations on the navio2?
There are no preflight problems, mission planner is giving me the good to go on flight, this is my only obstacle right now.

Thanks for the help

Motors are connected as the instruction in http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/connect-escs-and-motors.html

On the same page you have an item related to the CW or CCW rotation of the motor (if needed, cross two wires between motor and esc). Sens of rotation is mandatory, it is the result of an electrical wiring. The Navio doesn’t change the sens of rotation of the motor.

So follow the wiki, be sure each esc is plugged on the right outlet of Navio, and motors are rotating CW or CCW for a quad configuration. When all this is sorted, mount the propellers CW and CCW on the respective motor.


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