I need assist

Hello everybody first i looking for answers.
1-What the difference between L1 and L2
2-What the real accuracy for rtk mode with lora by rs+
3-can i use reach m+ like reah rs

And finally i looking for a used units if anyone want to sale.

L1 and L2 are basically frequencies that transmit the signal from the satellites to the receivers. By having multiple frequencies you are not only obtaining more information, but interference is greatly reduced. Currently only the RS2 is capable of multi-frequency communications.

I have two drones with an RS+ and M+ combination that works very well, but I would seriously consider spending the extra money to get the RS2’s if you budget allows. It will pay for itself very quickly depending upon your amount of use. In my experience I have been able to maintain 5cm accuracy on control networks, but the RS2 should be able to easily maintain 2-3cm.

I would consider selling my RS+ base and rover if you are interested. They are very lightly used for about 8 months. Just PM me. I will get some good pictures.

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if i compare l1 and normal l1 l2 . what i get accuracy and speed

i have no idea about price but if rs working well tell me what the good price and i need pictures plz

Simplified a little further:
L1: Cheaper, more accurate with really short baselines (< 10 meter), need good skyview and excellent SNR to get a fix
L2: More expensive, more accurate over long baseline (up to 60 km), still need good skywview and excellent skyview for max precision, but gets closer to home in less ideal situations as well.


thanks . but do you mean 10 km or really 10 m only

10 meters, yes. With that short baseline, L1 only processing is more accurate than L1+L2.
The RS2 captures both L1+L2+L5. Should you choose to postprocess the files, you can simply choose to process L1 only, if you have to work with a really short baseline. That will give you the benefit of the further improved antenna on the RS2 along with the flexibility of multiple frequency GNSS.

In general, for most usecases for i.e. placing GCP’s and so on, the RS+ perform wonders. The RS2 just adds that crucial extra performance over long distances, quicker setup time, more functionality (like Sim-card) and a better receiver.


All good stuff!

What is your use-case? Usual Land Surveying? Drones? Keep in mind that if you plan to use the current M+ that it will limit the use of the RS2 to L1 only.

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sorry but i have little information .
for example if i use rs+ for surveying and leveling or stake out by rtk mode what accurcy …i thing from 1 to 3 cm fine ?

[Michael Lambert]
i work in project distance 3 km
and need base and rover emlid reach rs for stakout and normal topo survey

I have gotten sub-centimeter accuracy with baselines at 100 meters.

With 3 km, I think you would be below 3 cm, provided that you have good/excellent sky view.


L1 is perfectly accurate at long ranges within the same ionosphere weather, which is typically 9-12km. I can consistently get sub cm in 2km. Vertical RMS is maybe double that.
L2 helps eliminate multipath, which isn’t a function of distance. L2 does help in distances beyond 9km, however.

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I am seeing less than 5cm consistently and a larger portion of that is 3cm at 300m. I have not been able to sustain a good fix in distances much further than that with a base and rover scenario, but we have been experiencing allot of trouble with GLONASS lately in Central Texas and many of the areas that I am in are fairly hilly and near a large body of water. It’s a totally different scenario with flat farm land about 50 miles in the other direction.

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Wow, that’s not good. I know the LoRa range isn’t great on the RS+. Do you have these issues in post or just RTK? I keep RTK close by, and run long runs static.

GLONASS has been wonky for a while, but the last month or so has been so bad that I could almost guarantee that I was going to cut you out every time I post processed. RTK has always been flaky. It’s s pretty good on flat land and very acceptable for the cost, but anytime I get near to terrain that is taller than the rover rod then I usually end up pulling out my Topcon gear.

All in all, they were a test case for us to see if I could get some less expensive gear in the hands of my superintendents, but that hasn’t worked out. I am biding a little time so I can purchase the RS2’s and I’m pretty sure they will be the ticket. All is not lost though. The RS+’s have become dedicated base stations for our drones and work great in PPK.

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