I made a thing

Got a little tired of not finding any frames that could comfortably fit the Navio 2 and my wifi card so decided to make my own.


Yes this will work.

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Yes this will do me th7nks


You can use my model to order parts. https://grabcad.com/library/navio-raspberry-copter-1
It was developed for Navio 2 + Raspberry + PX4Flow + IRLock and used as autonomous drone.

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looks very nice indeed

She is coming together


She is ready for some test flying


It looks great! Any flight videos available yet?

Thak you very much. Yes I have a quick video but I am am experiencing issues with playing back videos from qgroundcontrol. They play well on mobile devices but won’t play when I upload them

Hi Barry,

What’s the format of video you upload?

mkv and mp4 as well as mov

As soon as my Navio2 stops shutting down mid flight and causing my frames to break I’ll send some videos

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