I keep failing to receive corrections, why?


So i have an emlid receiver with an inserted simcard. And thanks to this simcard it does not need my mobile data on my phone in order to receive internet, correct? All I need is to connect to the emlids hotspot with my phone in order access the emlid in my app (Emlid Flow) so I can start collecting data points. I have done it like this before and I know it works. But lately, for some reason, the emlid has stopped receiving corrections and I really don’t understand why. I do suspect it has to do with that is receives 3G instead of 4G… and I read that the emlid requires 4G these times… Im in the middle of a large park in a city and there should be 4G out there to receive… but it keeps showing that the emlid uses 3G on my phone… What am I doing wrong here? There is nowhere in the settings where i cant force it to use 4G… I really need someone who can explain to me how to get corrections again…

Thanks in advance

Hola desde España,
1.Puedes comprobar la cobertura 3.5 G de SiM de Rs2 en el smartphone para asegurarte de la cobertura 4g o 3g.
2. ¿Puedes asegurar tipo de conexion internet del RS2? Es posible que RS2 solo funcione con 3.5G y ya no haya cobertura de ese tipo. Los de ultima generacion funcionan con solo con LTE (4g).
3. EL montpoint puede que no esté disponible . Caida de conexion al servidor NTrip.
4. Linea Base muy grande y no permite FIX.

If you have an RS2 (non-plus), then the modem in it is 3G only. It doesn’t work with 4G.
If you need 4G, you’ll need the updated RS2+.

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Thank you for this input! This might actually resolve my issue! We have an updated RS2+ as well which i will swap the simcard to and see if i makes any difference!


It seems this is related to the same behavior you described in another topic, I’ve replied to you there:

Reach RS2 works with 3G while Reach RS2+ can work with 4G, as Christian said. But 3G is still enough to receive RTCM3 messages because they’re light. Most likely the issue with getting the corrections is in something else. Let’s continue the troubleshooting process in one thread to keep everything in one place.

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