I have a question about the purchase

How are you?
I use a translator because I can’t speak English is not available.
I live in South Korea.
I asked the Korean agency and found that the price of RS2 is USD (3320).

The price is USD( 2620 ) when you purchase from EMLID homepage.
Is there a difference between buying at an agency in Korea and on the EMLID website?

The amount includes Shipping + Customs (8%) + VAT (10). USD (2620)

Is the price policy decided by the domestic agency?

If there is a difference, I will buy it at a Korean agency.

Hi @JaeYun_Song,

There is no difference in devices and their packages when purchasing directly from our store or our dealers.

We don’t set prices for our dealers. Sometimes, a dealer’s price may be higher because of import taxes, logistics, or other factors.

Also, please note the duty rate on our website is approximate. It’s better to clarify the exact duties rate with the local customs office.

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