I erased the RTK' files

i erased the RTK’s files and i would like know where can i download the RTK’ files?


Hi Christian,

Which files did you erase?

If the unit is no longer responding, you can try to reflash firmware.

i erased this file

but if i try to reflash firmware and now it is working

very much thanks

i’m sorry. i did the quickstart, but in this part it dont showed up as in the picture

After that Reach device will attempt to connect your Wi-Fi network.

i do the same and showed up me this

do you know why showed up me the red frame?

thanks for your attetion

Is there multiple network there?Are you you logged to the same network as reach?
The ip show you have loggen into reach hotspot, try logg into local wifi and search for reach there

hello i am login into wifi rearch

the rearch’s led is green color

when i conect the reach the orden of light is magenta, yellow flicker, magenta and green and finally greeen


Yes, its kind a confusing message. But you need to connect to local wifi network, not reach hotspot.
I assume “sin internet, segure” meaning your are signed into reach hotspot.


the rtk is working
there is no any problems