I Could not input UTM known coordinate on Emlid Flow Studio

Dear Geodesy Expert,
Good afternoon
I used Emlid Studio for post processing static data. During my work, I could not input UTM coordinate in Base station as there is no option to input UTM coordinate although there is available another coordinate format.
What should I do now?

Hi Tapos,

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Emlid Studio supports only geographical coordinates. So if you need to input precise UTM base coordinates, you need to convert them to geographical ones beforehand.

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Thank you

Hi Tapos,

Just in case, you can use Emlid Flow to convert your UTM coordinates to geographical ones. You need to create a project with the required coordinate system and add the UTM coordinates of the point. Emlid Flow will convert these coordinates into geographical ones.

If you face any difficulties, feel free to write us to support@emlid.com.