I could not created PWM

first, I do not know English well.

I have

  • raspberry pi B+
  • Navio2
  • bec esc
  • servo
  • power module
  • battery

I had set up the latest version Navio2 image and the apm binary.
I was executed the Navio2 example. I had a successful outcome to the LED2 example and the Barometer example. but I could not get a successful outcome to the servo example.
I could hear the beep sound from the motor.

error log is “Can’t init channel 0”.
I had checked whether becesc’s the 5v output. It is clear.
I had checked “i2cdetect”. Only 77 were able to see .
I had checked directory(/sys/class/pwm/). There is no files.

I do not know what the problem is.
Is the problem of Raspberry Pi B+?
Is it because esc calibration problem?

plz help me

We do not currently support Raspberry Pi B+ for Navio2, please consider upgrading to Raspberry Pi 2.