I can't import points

I can’t import points after updating my RS+, the message is like the pic below

Hi, which Reachview version did you update to?
Are you sucessfully able to import the CSV or GeoJSON template?
What happens if you manually edit one of the templates with one of your points?
I often experience text coding/set language to be an issue or typos.
This code among others work fine

I updated the last one, I can’t import CSV ,I didn’t try geojson. I think maybe I realize what You mean, let me know if I’m wrong, You say I have to edit the points using UTF-8 code, I don’t know how to do that.

Could you share the file you try to load?

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Thanks Luis , solved it!! I forgot the headlines!!!

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I solved it I forgot the headlines, I take a template one and I used it like Luis Galina told me, below answered … Thanks anyway for you help… this worked and was the solution !!! example|448x222](upload://qQNy6nIZz5chWYJSCOi4vs4pDvr.jpeg)