I cant get the motors to respond to Servo.py

I cant get the motors to respond to Servo.py.

Here are some screenshots:

Hi @Lucullus,

Please run this example and post the output here.


And should I strip the middle BEC wire for the last 3 ESCs?


I am apologize if I am making noob mistakes. I am fairly new to all of this.

Plus the motors make squeaky sounds.

Hi @Lucullus,

Could you please try to run this example with connected servos, not ESCs with motors?
The example is designed for servo testing, it might be possible it won’t work for your current setup.

I did try with a servo and it didnt respond. I inspected the pins with an oscilloscope and saw that it was outputting pwm. So i dont really understand how the servo cant respond.


Please share a photo of attached servos.

I just attached one but it is the right set of pins


You need to supply the power on the servo rail.

How would I do that? The middle wire doesn’t do that?


You can power it from Navio2 UART port. Just connect 5V and GND wires to any of corresponding pins on the servo rail.

Note, that you don’t need to supply the servo rail additionally while ESCs with motors are connected.

The esc are connected to the power distribution board but not to the pins as of now.

And the servo is not attached to any of the escs


When motors with ESCs are attached, the servo rail usually gets power from ESCs.

When you plug in servos, there is no power supply on the servo rail.
To power the servo rail, please connect the 5V and GND wires as it’s shown on the picture below:

So I cant just plug in the Servos into the pins? I need a Servo Rail?

Hi @Lucullus,

You can just plug servos to the pins. By servo rail, I meant PWM pins.

However, to make servo react on the PWM signal, you need to provide these pins with power.

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