I can't get the engines running even though the prearm checks were successful

(Cryxos) #1

My problem:

This is my first drone project so far so I’m kind of newbie.
I cant get the motors running. I tried almost every possible solution the last 2 weeks.
Now I’m at the end of my knowledge.
I want to control my drone via Wlan for now (later I want to connect a USB Modem).
The RC is a Xbox 360 Controller connected to my Laptop.
The communication is working. I configured the Joystick in Mission Planner and finished all the Prearm checks.
I had some trouble with the callibrating of my ESCs via Mission Planner. I ended up calibrating them manually with a little python program one by one.
I can arm the drone and I also receive signal. However when I try to rise the throttle nothing happens
I get no failure message and the motors also do nothing.

I’m really hope someone here may help me.

If I missed some informations about my setup let me know.
I attached some pictures of the things I think where the problem could be.

sorry for my bad english :wink:

thanks a lot in advance


My setup:
Arducopter 3.5
Navio2/Raspberry Pi 3b+
4x Emax RS2205 S 2300kv Motors
Littlebee 30A ESCs

(Sebastian) #2

How do you put the throttle all the way down with the xbox 360 controller? Do the ESCs get a low throttle (around or below 1000us for most ESCs) signal on startup? Otherwise the ESCs will not arm themselves and the motors will not run.

(Cryxos) #4


Thank you for your reply.
I would love to test this out but my laptop got broken today -.-
I have to send it to the customers support first.

I tried to change my GCS to my desktop PC but I can’t get the Navio to communicate with my Desktop

“Mavlink Connecting…”

I try to get this working and will test your suggestion immidiatly afterwards.

Not my week after all…

(Andrew Yushkevich) #5

Hi @Cryxos,

Did you have a chance to fix your PC and make a test?

(Cryxos) #6


not yet unfortunately.
I cant connect the pi to Mission Planner

I don’t no why the connection with my desktop PC won’t work. I just changed the IP.

The Notebook will need some time unfortunately.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #7

Hi @Cryxos

Please, doublecheck your PC IP.
After that, in /etc/default/arducoptercheck that you’ve set the right IP.

Can you share a screenshot with ipconfig command output?