I can't connect Reach to Reachview 3 in a certain zone

Good afternoon, I have had a connection problem with my GNSS that I am not able to understand. Since I bought the RS2, it has been 3 years now, I have been working without problems, always in NTRIP with connection to a base station or Coors. I control the equipment with an OPPO Reno 4Z mobile with internet connection through the mobile access point of the device (shared data).

A few days ago I went to do a stakeout and performed the steps that I have always connected with so far, without problems, that is:

1º I activate the shared data of the mobile.

2º I turn on the RS2 and wait for it to connect to the mobile Wi-Fi, something it does automatically

3º I open the reach view 3 and go to work.

But this time it didn’t work, I tried two or three times by rebooting the GNSS and starting again, but there was no automatic connection of the Reach to the mobile hotspot. Faced with this situation, I decide to do it “manually”, that is:

1º I turn on the RS2

2º I connect with my mobile to the RS2 Wi-Fi network.

3º Activate the shared data of the mobile.

4º I open Reach View3 and try to connect to the mobile hotspot, but it appears as NOT AVAILABLE … with shared data available and in the maximum coverage area

I try many times, I restart the computer, I restart the mobile, but it is impossible for me to connect, so I decide to leave. When I get home, 4 or 5 km away, I do a test to see if I can connect and, indeed, I do it the first time and “automatically” without any problem. I restart the GNSS several times and every time it works perfectly.

The next day I return to the place, this time with two mobiles (the OPPO and a somewhat older Samsung). I try again with the OPPO and I can’t connect, I try with the Samsung and neither. I try it with both mobiles, that is, using the OPPO as a modem and connecting the Samsung to the OPPO mobile access point, which connects without problems, but when I try to connect the RS2 to the same WIFI, it appears again as NOT AVAILABLE.

After many attempts, I get a few kilometers away from the area, and decide to put the SIM card in RS2, open Reach View3, configure it and get FIX without problems. I return to the area and turn on the equipment and quickly the RS2 lights tell me that corrections are coming in, the beep tells me that I have FIX, but when I open Reach View3, I update and the RS2 does not appear, that is: “Reach is not find". I wait a long time, I update countless times and the Reach still does not appear, although I continue to receive corrections and the team maintains the FIX solution. Again I decide to move away from the zone 1 or 2 KM and as “by magic”, I open Reach View and the RS2 appears as available, I receive corrections and I maintain the fix, that is, I am fully operational.

Could someone tell me what is happening in that area that does not allow me to use Reach View 3? I have thought about it a lot and I am unable to understand what is happening. Thanks in advance for your patience in reading this whole story…I hope someone gives me an answer.

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When you are at the site where it is not working, what is the status of the Network LED? Because it sounds like at that location, the RS2 is connecting to a network other than your phone’s hotspot.

When I turn on the RS2 “the network” flashes blue… after a while as it can’t connect to the mobile access point, it stays solid white. At that moment is when I try to do it manually, I access the phone’s WIFI, I look for the Reach, I connect it manually, all the LEDs blink, and the “network” LED goes blank again. I access Wi-Fi settings and the mobile hotspot appears as NOT AVAILABLE.
When I insert the SIM card and turn on the GNSS, the network LED appears solid white and the RTK status LED, also solid white, and gives me the FIX status sound, but when I open Reach View3 and update it does not find the REACH , with which it is not possible to work.
Thank you David Pitman for your interest. I also thought that I could be hooking up to some free WIFI network in the area… but in my checks I did not detect them

Okay, that is normal.

And, that is odd. So is the fact that the RS2 finds your phone’s network everywhere but this one location. Maybe the Emlid folks will have an idea. They will probably want you to send them a Full System Report from the RS2 to their email.

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Well, let’s see if someone can tell me what’s happening…if it had happened to me once I’d say it was a coincidence, but it’s happened to me 3 times in the same place…I’d like to know what happens in case the same thing happens again situation, know what to do.

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Hi @tphspu,

Thank you for the detailed issue description!

Now it looks like something interferes and affects Reach’s Wi-Fi in this area.

Are other Wi-Fi networks like Samsung’s hotspot available in this particular area? Or there’s no chance to connect to any Wi-Fi network?

When you install the SIM card and use Reach’s hotspot, is it possible to access the device via Reach Panel? You can enter in the browser address bar while you’re connected to the device’s hotspot.

Please also send me the Full system report to support@emlid.com. If you remember the exact time frames when you were at this area, please share them as well. I’d like to check report messages in these periods.

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First of all thank you very much for your attention
Secondly, I apologize for not having answered you before, but the truth is that work has not allowed me to.
As for what you ask me, I indicate:
1º Yes, there are other Wi-Fi networks in the area, however, those that exist do not have a good signal. I attach a screenshot.

2º As for whether it could connect with the Recah Panel, the truth is that I did not try it and I cannot give you a certain answer
3º I send you a report to emlid support and the hours I was trying to connect

Thanks again for your attention.

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Hi @tphspu,

I’ve received the report, and I’ll check that. Thanks!

If you happen to be on that site again, please check this as well. It will help us understand if the issue is on the ReachView 3 side or there is some interference in general, as Kirill mentioned.

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