I can't change the data rate in C++ for the GPS

Hello everybody,

I’m currently working on a project with a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Navio 2 and I would like to use the GPS at different frequencies. I tried in python and everything works well but I have to program it in C++. The thing is I can’t find the place where I can’t change the frequency in C++ (like the line “ubl.configure_solution_rate(rate_ms=1000/valueHz)” in python).

Someone has an idea to fix it ?



Hello, @kevin.bertrand!
You’re right! Unfortunately, we don’t have this functionality implemented in our C++ example.
But we’ll add this function as soon as possible.

Thank you for your feedback! :blush:

Thank you Igor for this answer.

So I’ll wait this update and continue my project by skipping this part for now.

Hello Kevin!
We added support for changing data rate in C++.
Please, update your Navio2 repository.
Have fun! :wink: