I can postprocess with different versions of Rinex in rtklib?

Hi, @TB_RTK, @bide, @tatiana.andreeva

The rinex files downloaded from the government antennas are RINEX 2.11 and in the post-processing tutorial of Emlid they ask that the ubx of the rover be converted to version 3.03 with rtkconv. So, I can work in rtkpost with the rinex 2.11 of the rover and the rinex 3.03 of the base antenna or I have to match them in the same rinex version.

Another question is what option should I choose to manually enter the coordinates of the government antenna.
rtkpost> options> positions.


Hi @erro.alfaro88,

You should convert UBX file from Reach rover to RINEX 2.11 in the RTKConv.

I suppose you need to choose Lat/Lon/Height (deg/m) option.

Does that imply that we can’t mix-and-match in RTKpost between difference Rinex versions? I don’t remember having issues with that.

Hi @wizprod,

We recommend using similar RINEX versions just to prevent any issues with that.

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It is understood.


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