I am having a hard time to set up Mission Planner

Hi I asked this question before, I am not sure but I got some different answer or none.
So I want to make it clear what is my problem right now.

Totally I have some questions.

  1. When I am trying to install firmware, I have a problem with move on to next step. Because it seems like Navio 2 is Linux board so I answered ‘yes’ but for next two questions, I have no clue. What do I need to do?

  2. Do I need to build a drone like install motors, ESC, battery, and power distribution first before I set up Mission Planner? I do not have RC receiver or even joystick But I cannot order any of them anymore. Because I have to get this done by today for today’s presentation in science class.

  3. (I will add on after I got apparent question for you guys.)

Thank you very much.

  1. Can you link to Doc section at what step you exactly are stuck at?
  2. Without ESC, reciver, servoes etc connected you are not able to perform the necessary tests and calibration in mission planner (its like having a brain but no arms and legs to move around), BUT you should be able to get Navio up and running and connected to mission planner for the general stuff
  1. actually I am stuck on this doc. Because as I already mentioned, I do not have all of those materials besides GNSS Antenna. And actually I am not following docs instruction. Because I do not have those materials… thus I feel like I am not on this case.

  2. Actually there is a reason that I did not build a drone yet. Because my motors need to be attached on a frame. But, when I was trying to attach the motors with zip ties, penetrating the holes on bottom of motors. And I just realized It should be attached with nails. But, I do not have any. So I am afraid to attach with zip ties… because it can damage the motors. How do you think? And what you recommend? build it right now? or later on. You choose it. I will follow it.

Assuming you made it to this step, without any moving part. Is it right you managed to connect navio to mission planner and send whatever data navio has to the status screen in mission planner? If so, what would you like to do next?

Dont use zip. Used the intended fittings made for the engine. Screws usually.

If you are just getting a drone for display and show off and visually see how mission planner looks like, you dont need to go through all the steps, but to fly this thing, you need to build it first and then go through the whole setup process again. So NO way you can get mission set up properly without having “arms and legs”.

What do I really need to do if I do not have any screw? I hope I can get those from Walmart though…
I want to build legs and arms. But, you know that screw problem. And I am not confident about the materials that I have right now. Battery, soldering stick/wires, power distribution, battery Li-po 2200 amp, and finally the motors… Do I need more?

And also most importantly, how can I connect to Mission Planner. I need to make a drone fly of course, it requires visual experiment.

Ok, so you are at connection yet. Which means your are at starting point and on scratch.

I think this point confuses many people. They buy an Raspberry pi, mount the Navio and jump right to this section

So, you are actually here and have downloaded either the Emlid Stretch or Jessie image for the previous step. Right?

Select Wifi or a network cable to connect your PI/Navio to the same local network you computer with Mission planner is installed on and carry on with installing the image by following rest of the doc section.

Actually I hardly got done that. I am even using Mac for operating system on terminal. not HDMI something…

I am not sure you know it. But, there are some questions like “Is this Linux board?” “Is this Bebpo?” and one more but I do not remember… The problem is you cannot move on unless you have those. But I do not have those drones. So I am asking what I need to do?

But you do have an Raspberry PI unit and a Navio, right?

I have Raspberry Pi model B and Navio 2. Yeah.

I also got some advice to use mobile hotspot. And when I am trying to setup Mission Planner, It says failed download.

Thats because and i suspect you have not installed an Operating System on your RPI unit (Raspberry PI) yet.
Did you download one of Emlids OS images from here ?(https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/common/ardupilot/configuring-raspberry-pi/

Also, just to assure, I do not have any controller…

No problem. I think I am way much further than that.

Ok then, is your RPI unit connect to wifi or local lan cable ?


And do you have a smartphone that is connected to the same wifi?

I am not sure, but it might be… But what about using data in outside.

My mom might be able to handle that.