I am doing research for days but i am so lost.What would be some good starter kit for doing 3d maps?

I know that you all were in my shoes and i am not even sure if this is the right forum/topic to ask this question but i really need some help.

I am very interested in making 3d maps,but i realized that there is a very big difference between making a model and making a highly accurate 3d map.

I first researched what software would be suitable for making maps,so it all came down to pix4d vs metasahpe.I have downloaded the trial version of both but i still couldn’t figure out which one was better.So i was watching online videos and watched tutorials but as a total noob i cant figure out the features/possibilities and weaknesses of both.I reached out to a youtube channel named GM6 drone mapping and the guy was very helpful and took time to answer a few questions,and he suggested metashape (he worked with both).I even did a webinar on his site which was really helpful.

But here i am,i learned a thing or two about satellites,gps,l1 and l2,geoid,rtk and ppk,mapping software ect. But my knowledge is still not enough to say that i know much about the above mentioned things.Lets say i know a bit of theory,but nothing more.

I am thinking to start a 3d mapping business but but the more i read the more i realize that accuracy is the most important thing when making those maps,and the more i realize that i know nothing and i am at a point now where i am more confused now than when i started doing a 3d map of my garden (took pictures with my smartphone).I used metashape btw…

So i figured out i need a drone,a very powerful pc and metashape.But what about rtk,do i need a rtk drone and a base station?Some say that enough gcp´s is enough to make a highly accurate 3d map and that rtk isnt necessary and i even read somewhere that ppk is better than rtk.

So what would be a good kit to start a business so i can do accurate work?I know that i dont know much,but at least i can learn every day.But i dont know what i need i regrads to hardware…

Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

Thank you


if you have no experience in mapping it is not a good idea to start a mapping business. It is not rocked science, but its challenging even with some background in GIS etc… Good results are not only depending on the right hard- and software but also on the experience of the human working with that tools.

Its far better to concentrate on the things you have experience with an make a business out of those things. If you are really interested in mapping maybe you should do an internship somewhere.

Well,that was a bit demotivating but honest.I mean i wouldn’t start a drone business tomorrow and i am willing to learn before i start.
Aren’t there any good online sources where i can learn?I am doing research but with a bit of help i could learn faster and get much better information about theory and about the equipment.

Why do you want to start a drone business and where are you situated? Who are your customers and what is your budget?

If you want to start a business you should check who are your customers and what is the product they want to buy.

Hey there,

Here’s a good example of a drone mapping project with a list of equipment used:

However, I am not sure it will be the best set in your case. I agree with Tobias that it’s first better to determine who your customers are and what kind of mapping services you are going to offer.


I am in eastern europe and i want to start a drone business becuase i think it is still a niche market here.
That who will be my customers is the hardest part to determine.I don’t know how to properly research the market since i guess there won’t be that much end users but more companies.
My budget would be around 11000 usd for all,the drone,a pc,software,equipment ect

Thank you dmytri for the link,this is helpful

Maybe you should start by making a business plan? Without knowing to whom you will sell your product I would not invest any money.

Look where your future competitors (or similar businesses in other regions) sell their (what kind?) of products.

Look which (legal) requirements are necessary to produce and sell the product (i.e. certifications for surveyors?).

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Since the P4P is back, it would be a much better choice than a Mavic 2 Pro for mapping.

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