Hybrid Construction Mapping

Here’s a cross-post from the Yuneec Pilots forum demonstrating the use of several different methods of surveying including flying the H520 with Emlid PPK to tackle a tough 10-mile road project.


That is a very interesting post. A new point of view on an alternative to P4P is enough to launch a discussion. But coupling a M+ to a H520 is extra nice point, how do you do that ?

I use a custom mounting that I made which logs the GNSS data. I then PPK that with the base to create a GPX file that I bring into Geosetter. I retag the images in Geosetter to provide the correct coordinates by using two checkshots and marrying the image to the event. The trick is to move into place, take a checkshot and immediately move off. It makes it very easy to find the event.

Probably the most important aspect of what I am doing to then integrate the output data from the drone survey to other design files is use GCP’s. The GCP’s relieve any error in the retagging as long as the relative accuracy is correct and place the point cloud on the local grid coordinates and elevation. There’s no need to worry about shutter timing or an RTK fix as you would see with other units, but you have to have GCP’s.

The thing is though that I only did this as a stop-gap because the H520RTK is soon to be released. I should be testing mine soon. There again I will not be using RTK so the process will not change much except for the fact that I will be able to get the actual shutter events making it easier to retag.


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Hey there,

Now you don’t need to geotag the photos in a separate software. Everything can be done in Emlid Studio! With the Drone data processing feature, you can easily add geotags to the drone images’ EXIF data and process them later in the photogrammetry software.

If you’re interested, have a look at our comprehensive guide.

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