Hung up on connecting to another network

I have gone through the initial set process a dozen times and it gets hung up while the unit is trying to connect to my home network. It shows a red box that states “Reach is connecting to another network Switch to (network name) to continue”. My phone is switched back to the home network.
Also the blue light on the unit blinks fast as it is finding the network then goes solid.

Fast blink (trying to connect), then solid blue LED means it could not connect and has started it’s own Wi-Fi hotspot again.

So either there is something wrong with the saved Wi-Fi configuration or your home network Wi-Fi is not compatible with Reach.

Be absolutely sure your Wi-Fi network name and password are entered exactly. Also make sure your encryption type is set correctly.

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What are the settings for the wifi to be compatible ?

By ‘compatible’ I meant the case where there is some bug where the two devices can’t properly connect.

But the ‘settings’ should be the same on both devices. Settings could be: Frequency band (2.4 / 5 GHz); Channel (some can use more channels than others - especially if country-specific rules are not being followed on one device); and security type (None/Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2; and then Personal or Enterprise, etc.).

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That all matches and is still a hit and miss , it will connect 1 in 20 attempts. v 2.17.4
Were the RS unit never had the problem it connect every time you wanted it too.

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