Howto: Raspbian with real-time kernel for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Hi, I just received a navio+ module and I`m looking forward to have a play with it.

I was just wondering if it would be possible for some of you experts out there to give some kind of a step-by-step introduction of how to setup or compile the optimized Raspbian with real-time kernel for use with the navio(s).

Yes, I know it is provided as a download, however I’m asking out of curiosity.
I really love to know where the stuff comes from that I’m using.

Any information is much appreciated. :smile:


Hello Frank!

Raspberry Pi foundation has nice docs on building and patching the kernel.

The good thing about RPi is that there are a lot of guides, docs and other information on the Internet, so If you are interested in digging deeper you can almost always find useful stuff.

Hi Egor,
thanks for your reply.

I was just wondering if you have done anything very “unusual” in the preparation of the official image.
As you suggested, I will try to make my way through the available documentation.

Cheers Frank

I’m not sure what you mean by unusual.

For me, compiling the kernel for the first time was kind of an unusual experience, cross-compiling even more.

I don’t really think we had to do anything crazy for the image though.

I got it sorted. Thx