How will Australia's updated GDA2020 Datum affect Reach?

Australia is getting a new Datum this year, with CORS stations getting updated next week . I’m not sure how this will affect using my reach with the new GDA2020 mountpoint my local CORS is meant to be getting. More information here:

Does anyone know what will happen? Will it work straight away, or will there be changes Emlid need to make before it will work? Or will my co-ordinates just change according to the GDA2020 datum, and I’ll need to consider this when using maps that remain in the GDA94 datum?

I don’t think this would have anything to do with Emlid having to change anything as ReachView uses LLH and XYZ for positioning.

You can do whatever you’d like in terms of coordinate systems and how the differences between different ones will affect each other from older to newer ones.

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