How to write a python script on NAVIO/ raspberry pi 3

I am building a Autonomous Drone. I am completely new to navio and Raspberry pi 3. I have couple of question regarding this.

1)Since my project requirement is to go to particular GPS location provided. I have to write a python script that will do the job. I am kind of confused when I connect navio2 with raspberry pi 3 the interface of the raspberry pi goes away. So how I am supposed to write a python script.?

  1. I have connected everything on my drone. My motors are not spinning. So I am assuming do I have to upload the code and after that it will start working.

Please help.

Hi @baig,

Why don’t you want to write a script on your laptop/PC and then transfer it to RPi?
You also can create a python file and then use vim or nano to write the code.

Have you calibrated ESCs?

  1. After I write a script in my laptop and I transferred into Pi. How do I know the code I wrote will communicate with the flight controller (Navio2).

2). I tried following link to calibrated ESCs. It did not work for me. I could hear two beeps in the beginning when I connected my battery with my throttle position up. Then after disconnecting my battery I could still the starting two beeps nothing after that. Tried other different methods still no result.

Hi @baig,

Could you please clarify you question?

What’s the RC transmitter and receiver you use to operate motors?

  1. I am using HK-T6A V2 6 CHANNELS Transmitter.

Hi @baig,

Are you sure your receiver supports SBUS/PPM? Could you please share a photo of a receiver to Navio2 connection?

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