How to use Tower


Is there a tutorial on how to use Tower?

I specificlly want to be able to perform 2 actions:

  1. Arm motors, takeoff 6 feet, loiter for 10 seconds, land
  2. Arm motors, takeoff 10 feed, turn on “follow me” mode.

I tried the “takeoff” button after arming my motors, but it doesn’t ask me for which height and the drone goest absurdly high, forcing me to switch to Stabilize mode and bring it back down manually.

Thank you.

menu, settings, advanced: there should be a “default altitude” setting!
after activating follow me mode, a slider appears at the bottom - if i remember correctly; but be aware: 10 feet is not very high; the drone might chase you down :slight_smile:

hahaha thanks!

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