How to use Reach M+ with Navio2


I have been using Navio2 with traditional external Ublox Neo-M8N GPS with Compass.
I wanted to upgrade my drone with an RTK GPS, so I purchased the Reach M+, recently.
I went through the setup tutorial and it seems fine.

My question is the following: To use Reach M+ with Navio2, should I just connected it through UART like the traditional GPS and do the same GPS configuration for Reach M+ and there are other things to consider.
I could not find any clear tutorial on the Internet, so I am asking the question on the Forum.

Any help is appreciated


Hi Anis,

Thanks for your patience!

You can connect Reach M+ via UART or USB ports. For the details of setting up Reach M+ with autopilot, take a look at our Ardupilot integration guide.

To achieve centimeter-level accuracy with Reach M+ receivers, you need to obtain corrections from the base. We usually suggest using Reach RS+. You can learn how to set it up here.

Thanks for your reply. I actually purchased Reach M+ alone and I thought it would be sufficient to achieve centimetre-level accuracy, but it does not seem so.
We were able to get +2.8m accuracy and most of the SATs are an orange colour. Is there any way to get centimetre-level accuracy with just the Reach M+.
In addition, if I use Reach M+ on a drone with Navio2, would be sufficient to fly safely without having a base correction?

Thanks in advance

Any help?

Hi Anis,

Sorry for the delay! I’ll answer your questions below.

In a standalone mode, Reach M+ provides a few meter level accuracy only. To obtain centimeter-level accuracy, you need to work in RTK. For that, you need a base and a rover. You can either set up your own base station or connect to the NTRIP service to use corrections from its base station via the Internet.

As I’ve mentioned above, you can use only one receiver to get the centimeter-level accuracy. For that, the unit should receive corrections from the NTRIP service. You need to connect your receiver to the Internet. Here’s a guide about it. Please note that the fees may vary depending on the chosen NTRIP provider.

Navio2 already has a built-in GNSS chip that can provide you with few meter level accuracy. If Reach is not receiving corrections, it’ll provide you the same few meter level accuracy. It means that you don’t necessarily need to use Reach M+ without corrections in this setup as it doesn’t improve the accuracy.

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