How to use navio2 with mission planner

hello there

I’m trying to get the firmware on Mission Planner, but it occurs something error and can’t go forward from there.
my status is as follows

connect with mission planner laptop in successful.
once I disconnect a vehicle due to a firmware update.
I apply quad, Linux system,
the status bar is stopped at the 50% and install is failing.

I’m so glad someone gives me a tip to solve it.

Mission planner Ver1.3.48
Arducopter Ver 3.4.6
Emlidpaspbian20170323 SD image


Our image has all new firmware preinstalled and you don’t need to update it.

Mission Planner can load firmware onto Parrot Bebob and Disco, but not onto Navio2.

Hello Ivan

your helo was helped me so much thank you very much!
I also test APM planner on MacOS and it works fine!

thank you very much