How to use lora rylr890 sx1276 with Navio2 to control a drone

I would like to know if there is anyway that I can use LoRa rylr890 sx1276 module with Navio2 and if yes, how can i configure it?

Hi @fa0348733,

I can hardly give any instructions since we didn’t test this radio. Do you want to use it for telemetry?

yes I wanna use it so I can send commands from my terminal to the drone using LoRa rylr890 sx1276 module.

I believe it should be possible to use them if the radio supports the UART interface. In such case, you can connect it to a UART port of Navio2 and configure it as telemetry.

so can I send files through my terminal to Navio2 and it process it. Like go up or a python script?

If you just send it via telemetry, it won’t work this way. You rather need to run a script on Navio2 directly, but I’d recommend using the functionality that ArduPilot firmware suggests.

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Could you please provide me with the documentation of it, as I don’t have any idea about Ardupilot firmware for radio transceivers. Also, can I view any serial communication on Navi’s terminal, because I tried to install “minicom” but it failed.

The ArduPilot firmware runs on Navio2 and handles radio communication between a GCS (for example, Mission Planner) and a vehicle. So the workflow is the following:

  1. Connect the radio to the Navio2 port.
  2. Specify this serial port as a telemetry connection in the configurational file.
  3. Establish a connection with Mission Planner.

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