How to use geoid model EGM2008 of 1 minute grid on Emlid flow

how to use geoid model EGM2008 of 1 minute grid on Emlid flow,

in the app only gives the opcion to download the 2.5 minutes one, “us_nga_egm08_25.tiff”
I have geoid 1 minute file in tif and ggf format, but I dont see how to load it in the app.

Emlid Flow 8.9

Hi Roger,

At the moment, Emlid Flow doesn’t support uploading custom geoid models. I can note it as a feature request, but just wanted to ask: why do you need a 1 minute EGM2008 model? Is it for a specific project?

we are surveying also with other app, SurPad, we got a 1 minute geoid that is used in our country, Dominican Republic, and want both apps to use the same geoid resolution for more Precision in the orthometric elevation,
and also want to implement the 1 minute geoid in the photogrammetric procesing with MetaShape the geoid found in their website



Got it, thanks! I’ve noted your feature request for it and passed it on to the team.


Hello to all

The colleague says something very true and that is from the world of topography, perhaps it is difficult to imagine why I require a Geoid with a smaller grid than 2.5, but most brands of GPS support that resolution and also the processing programs.
When capturing heights with Emlid flow with the current geoid model, it produces elevation differences when confronted with points taken with Lyeca, Trimble, CHC etc.

The 1 minute models are common in topography and postpocesso, it is of daily use, here in Chile we use them a lot.

I support the colleague’s request, this is necessary for engineering surveying.


Hi Bernard,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ve noted your feedback and added +1 from you for this feature request.