How to update the Arduplane firmware on Navio2

I tried to update the Arduplane firmware from 3.8 to 3.9 on Navio2 through Misson Planner 1.3.58.
But I could not.
Navio2 uses neither com ports nor USB(device side) ports.
How can I update the Arduolane firmware on Navio2.
Please see the attached Error Message.

You cannot do that with Mission Planner.

Here is a link to “my” way to do that. It is not the official way (Wiki) but, IMHO, an easier one, as you continue to use the arduplane service (no need to kill it and create an ardupilot one):

Link to firmware is

You have to change it in the command line… No change for the other commands. There are some additional commands in order to check the work in progress.


Thanks a lot, Marc )^o^(
I could update the firmware.



Have a nice flight,


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