How to update photos with Reach PPP info based on time stamp?

Is there a way to very easily batch update the GPS exif data for a group of images based on the time stamp? If I place a Reach on my P4 or Inspire, and take photos with the onboard camera or an attached 360 camera, is there a fairly simple method to post process the Reach log and then update the images based on the time stamp. That way the GPS info in the photo will be updated to match the GPS info of the Reach unit for the exact same time stamp. If I use a camera that has no GPS, as long as the times are syncronized between the camera and the Reach, I could now stamp the photos with accurate PPP data.

It would seem there has to be some type of user friendly utility that would allow for this to be done. Any insight will be appreciated.

Hi @MDS,

DJI ecosystem is proprietary and you can’t easily integrate Reach M+ with DJI Phantom 4 or Inpire, as its camera doesn’t have a hot shoe.
But you can always stick to working with GCPs, which is simple and efficient for small areas – just like your DJI drone.

Despite we have some threads on our community forum from users connecting Reach devices with DJIs without hot-shoes. So, you can find useful info there.

As for the logs, Reach can write timestamps by using hot-shoe. After post-processing, you’ll get a file with pics coordinates which you can import in UAV photo processing software.


Hey Andrew. Thanks for the reply. Last night I installed the system that I got from Simon (in Australia). I was thinking that folks had figured out a way to export log files from the P4 and just use the onboard GPS of the P4P but I now realize that is not the case. I’m looking forward to testing my setup sometime in the coming week.

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Hi @MDS,

Let me know about your test results :slightly_smiling_face:

Does Simon use the LEDs? Use Geosetter to put the PPK values and time stamp on the images. I just ran through this on the forum so it should pop up a few times.

His does use the LED just like Tuffwing. Except Simon’s use an arduino where Brian’s does not. So what I want to do is use Geosetter (or something similar) to export out the time stamps from the images with milliseconds, to compare to the time stamp from images to the times stamp in the Event file.

I saw the post where you are using Geosetter. What work flow are you using with that?

I played around with Geosetter on Saturday but did not have too much time to mess with it. I did however get my new map processing PC finished :slight_smile:

I am using rtkconv for UBX to OBS and NAV. Then rtkpost to POS and events_POS. I put in my antenna heights in there are because I was setup on a known control point I manually enter the lat/lon/elev. Then rtkpost to create the GPX for Geosetter. Make sure that time and elevation were checked to export with the GPX. Geosetter required it.

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Hi guys,

This thread was closed a long time ago. But I just wanted to share that now you can geotag your photos in Emlid Studio app. Here are the guides that can help you do that:

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