How to update firmware?

Hi Guys,
I try to update the latest Arduplane. So I went to initial setting and it prompts me “is it a Linux board”. So I did click yes. And after that, MP crashes itself. Does this happen to you? How do you update mission planner?


Hi, @Chao_Li
I didn’t get what exactly you’re trying to update. But if you want to update Arduplane from mission planner, you cannot do it. However, Navio is supported in ArduPilot upstream and you can build the binary by yourself. Also you can download the latest stable binary files from ArduPilot buildserver. And then to launch the binary you need to specify its path in the ExecStart section in /etc/systemd/system/ardupilot.service.

Hi Koby,

Thank you for the reply. I understand it now. I was attempting to update the firmware in mission planner.

Could you also have a look this question I posted?