How to trigger shutter of Canon DSLR Camera?

Hello guys!

How do we control the shutter of a Canon DSLR camera without using gimbal? We are using APM 3.3 and Mission Planner. Also, how do we connect it to Navio? Thank you in advance. :smile:

Read read read …

you have to do some homework.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve read the documents already and for now this is what I’ve understand. I’ll just have to use the CHDK and configure it as shown here

So I wont be needing camera module for RPI to control the dslr right? and I only need is a CHDK Camera Control Cable connected to PORT 1 of NAVIO+?

Thank you in advance. :smile:

so what i mean by read is now you have to find out how you DSLR is externally triggered … is it PWM if so easy enough you can use one of the pwm outputs and assign it in mission planner is it another way not sure… you have to know more about the camera.

Oh okey looks like I’ll have to do more reading about this stuff. Thanks for the reply :smiley:

Some of the newer cameras have PWM shutter and full control. Like this one

Through the futaba input or PWM you can fully adjust focus, shutter, white balance and all other parameters with the radio. But not all cameras have this capability.

This one ideal for drones.

Here’s a good CHDK tutorial:

This site is great, you have to dig a little bit to find everything but it has good info…

also check this APM to CHDK Camera Link Tutorial - Blogs - diydrones