How to Transform IRTF to WGS84?

I have some coordinates from a CORS station, where I would like to get the WGS84 coordinates.

I got the following from the station log-file ( ):

2.   Site Location Information

 City or Town             : Kunzak
 State or Province        : Bohemia
 Country                  : Czech Republic
 Tectonic Plate           : EURASIAN
 Approximate Position (ITRF)
   X coordinate (m)       : 4037498.000
   Y coordinate (m)       : 1097035.000
   Z coordinate (m)       : 4798910.000
   Latitude (N is +)      : +490626.25
   Longitude (E is +)     : +0151203.38
   Elevation (m,ellips.)  : 703.3
 Additional Information   : preliminary

I have tried several online converters, but none of them accept the input like written in the file.
Any tricks would be much appreciated!


ITRS is identical to WGS84.
You don‘t have to convert the coordinats.
You see the coordinates in the file in kartesian and geographic (LLH) format.
For high level conversion you can use TRANSDAT.

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