How to test motors with QGC and Navio 2

I have finally assembled my drone and I would like to test the motor’s spinning direction. My setup includes Navio2+RP3A+ with Racerstar Rev35 4 in 1 ESC. I don’t have any radio and I would like to test everything on my laptop. The only things I have connected between ESC and NAVIO2 are the 4 wires (one for each motor) and the ground (black) cable.

I don’t know if the motors are spinning in the right direction and I would like to check that. How can I do it using QGroundControl? Or maybe using another software … I work on Mac


No way to test motors with QGroundControl or APM Planner on Mac.

You have to rely on Mission Planner (W10 emulator) or borrow a PC somewhere if you cannot use RC system.

I do not encourage you to test fly your multicopter without RC. There are a lot of mandatory settings you can only do with a RC system. When all is working you can fly automatic with QGroundControl but you should be able to take control with your RC system in case of trouble.