How to setup?

Continuing the discussion from Using Reach for landsurvey and more:

In this posting use bluetooth for sending coordinate to Smartphone. And using topographer pro for storing points. Does the coordinate has cm-level accuracy? Can any one help me the detail setup? I really need this information.

You have to install any APP that allows enable the mock GPS provider such as app, Bluetooth GPS. When you are running this application and has enabled the function “enable mock GPS Provider” to run “topographer pro” take the information from REACH, connected to Bluetooth, and not the internal GPS Smartphone. You see that on the screen of “topographer pro” showed GNSS, without the number of satellites GPS, GLONASS, indicating that it is receiving information from REACH

Oh i see. So topographer get fixed coordinate when mock gps from bluetooth gps is enabled.
And, i see in topographer pro, the minimum accuracy is 10cm, can we make it more accuracy such as 1cm? Maybe there is a setup to get it.
Thank you cofhal.