How to setup Gimbal

I found a link that people are talking about fixing a gimbal but I’m not sure how to start connecting mine to the Navio. Does anyone know where a guide is?

there are 300000000000000000001 different types of gimbals and controllers. which one do you have ?

I can’t find my order sheet but I believe its this one:

These gimbals are ready to go i believe but this is a good forum for Chinese gimbals

You have to find out if its simple bgc. If yes then i can give you my PID settings that work well. you need to make sure your camera on it stays balanced when the power is off. Then you have to connect it to a 3S battery or use a BEC for your main battery if its not 3S. Then you connect the PWM output from you navio ch 9 to your gimbal RC in. but first i would power just the gimbal with camera mounted to make sure its balanced and PIDs work well

Thanks for the info.

On the comments it mentions looking for a certain BGC version to download and install. If that helps?

I’m also kind of lost as to where do I plug it into on the navio… I’ve never plugged anything into the navio besides the telemetry stuff and the four spots for the ESCs.

I would recommend getting the gimbal to work on its own first. Read through this link:

and also the WIKI specified on the thread. After that, you should be able to update firmware, tune gimbal, etc. Later on you can hook it up to Navio for more advanced features, like controlling the gimbal via MavLink messages.

navio you plug in the gimbal to the ESC outputs those are PWM. Its channel 9. That link is only so that you can use the radio. the program is simple bgc go to their website get the appropriate version. not all versions work.

Hey, guys, I can see that you’re kind of professionals, so I would like to as you, what camera gear do you shooting photos and videos with?

I have been traveling with one or two mirrorless cameras for almost thirty years now. With all the fear that goes with them. I am thinking of pairing down and buying a point and shoot and one mirrorless camera with one lense.

Hi everyone, the last two years I use only Sony A6000, so I think that this is my favorite camera at the moment of all what I used in the past. When traveling especially in resorts when shooting on the beach, there is a problem a sand and water. Everyone knows that these two are the terrible enemies of the photographer. I try to use the gimbal stabilizer as much as possible, in addition, with the stabilizer, the video becomes smoother and clearer. Without a good photo and video vacation is considered wasted.

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