How to set'up FIX-Solution in ReachView3?

I am wondering how to set-up FIX-solution inside ReachView3… I could do it inside Reach-Panel but it seems that it doesnt affect ReachView-App…

Another thing is that System Coordinate could be configured inside ReachView3-App, but it cant be done inside Reach Panel… So, I need to have UTM System Coordinate and FIX-Solution on 5cm at the same time, but seems that It cant be done…

Please, let me know…

Do you realy have any gnss from emlid?

Can you tell us how what you are for hardware, and also how you are receiving corrections?

Hi Joaquín,

Welcome to our community!

You’ve just caught one of the most significant differences between Reach Panel and our newer ReachView 3 app :wink: ReachView 3 supports local coordinate systems and vertical datums, while Reach Panel gives only geographic coordinates.

As for the Fix solution calculation, I’d join Christian’s question about base corrections. How is the Correction input set in ReachView 3? Also, please check that the sky view is not blocked by trees or buildings - it can prevent GNSS receivers from calculating accurate positions.

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