How to setup 4in1 ESC

Hi Guys.

I’m starting a new project with Navio2, actually is my first drone :grin: I’m just wondering if it is possible to use a ESC 4in1 with Navio2+RaspberryPI.

The documentation(please see image below) is clear about how to setup the ESCs but it doesn’t say nothing about 4in1 ESCs

Thanks again guys.

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Ronildo Braga Junior.

The 4in1 ESC is just 4 ESCs in one package with power distribution built-in.
The four grey wires S1-S4 are the signal wires for each ESC corresponding to the ESC motor connections M1-M4. The red wire is 5V power supply from the UBEC and the black wire is ground.
The signal wires connect to Navios Servo/Motor PWM outputs as shown in the picture you posted.
You will have 3 servo connectors with just the signal wire and one fully populated with signal, power and ground.

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