How to set vertical datum to Orthometric Height?

I want to set the vertical datum to Geoid18 in my survey project. Emlid Flow says additional downloads are required, but every time I click on download 16.7 MB it says something went wrong and to try again.

I really hope I don’t have to pay more to be able to use Orthometric height rather than Ellipsoidal height!?

U dont have to pay more for ortho height.

Wondering if Emlid may be having server issues, as new firmware disappeared today also?

Prob almost 8am in St. Petersburg Russia if they are based there? (Not sure, or is it Budapest Hungary now?) Hopefully will know if they can help soon.

Thanks, I’ll keep trying until it works. :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, something is wrong:

Open 9am?

Hi guys. There was an issue with our cloud provider that we rely on to distribute files and content. The issue is resolved now. If you’re still getting the error, please try to reconnect your phone (turn the airplane mode off and on), that could help.

We apologize for any inconveniences.