How to set up permanent base station?

I work at a university and I would like to set up a permanent base station for corrections for both education and research. We current use Emlid Reach RS2+ units for our mapping and my students do a combination of RTK and PPK processing, so I would like to have the radio link set up but also be able to log in and pull data files over the internet.
I have thought about trying to get another Reach RS2+ to set up as a permanent base station, but not sure if this is the best idea. Can anyone advise on the best way to get a permanent base station running? I have a budget of about $4-5k for this, so I can’t go crazy with some of the equipment out there, but another RS2+ is well within the budget.


In my view the best option is an M2 with an antenna.
You will spend much less than an RS2 or RS2+ receiver and you will have great quality.


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Mauricio shared a good option. But I can add that Reach RS2+ is designed to be able to work as a permanent base. And it may be easier to set it up since it has an internal GNSS antenna and battery. Also, it’s protected from water and dust by the IP67 standard.

You can check what the Reach RS2+ permanent base setup can look like in this case study.


Definitely ksenia,
For those who can buy it.
The challenge in Brazil is the cost of imported products.
An RS2+ unit should cost R$ 25,000.00 in the domestic market. This, converting into purchasing power would turn into 25k USD.

A kit with M2 and a good antenna costs less than half that.

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Thank you Kseniia and all for your replies, this is really helpful!

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