How to set up Arduplane on mission planner?

Hi all,

I try to follow Emlid instruction about how to set up mission planner. But I still have no clues what I should do. Please give me some help.

Product: Navio2, Pi 3; I connected Ethernet cable with pi and I do not have telemetry.

What I have done so far: SSH in and I can see navio letters asking me to do four steps, so I did follow. Then type sudo start arduplane, nothing happened. So I opened mission planner to check, nothing happened. Some one said I have to download ardupilot, so typed apt-get install navio2. Now gets this.

Do you know what I should do or check next?

Thanks in advance.

did you try
sudo emlidtool ardupilot

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Maybe you are having network connection trouble?

What is the other end of the Ethernet cable plugged in to? Does that end have a way to provide access to the Internet? Rpi needs Internet access to get software packages and updates.

If yes, then try:
sudo apt-get update

I think the internet is working. image
Do you know what else could cause that problem?

sudo emlidtool ardupilot; This command only shows the welcome page. I have trouble to download ardupilot.

Emlid Raspbian has preinstalled ArduPilot. It includes all vehicles and is based on the most stable branch available. No need for other downloads in the start

When you run
sudo emlidtool ardupilot
You should get this screen

You did get the RPi image from here, right ?

This is what I get when I typed in, different from the docs. However, I still continued to follow the steps, nothing happened still. Do I need telemetry to do this? Or as long as it talks to the PC, there is no need to have the telemetry atm?

And following, I did this.

Still nothing happened. Is this supposed to be like this?

No telemetry is needed yet. Emlid tool should be run first and ardupilot configured before connecting GCS.
I havent run into this issue before, someone els might have a better input

Just a thought, but the update performed, could it have overwritten or corrupted the emlid tool?

Hi TB,
I just sorted out. It is the mission planner that is not set up. haha. Thanks

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