How to seperate log file PPK -RTKPOST

hey guys

i have 3-4 flight data file in one base and rover log file.

i can’t distinguish what’s what and know which flight is which.

i have processed my RTKPOST and got all obs,nav,ubx files.

how to separate each flight?? i think it’s something to do with separate it with time??

let me know so i can try

thank you

If you process all logs you could see when each session is and the process seperatly by setting the timeperiod here


thank you so much for the hint. now i’m trying to find out how to clean my files.

this is what i did after i processed with time frame selected. but if i zoom in there are ireelevant data it’s in there so i’m wondering how can i clean up and just keep the required path as i need from this point?

thank you!

Do you mean remove float/singel or a section in the midle of current plot?

so yeah… just remove the sections eg. lines from take off position to the first line, or last line to the back to landing point etc…

For what application do you need to clean up the plot? I kind of have to ask as it depends on what data is needed.

i just thought that i have to clean the files so it’s easy to see and view and process.

if it doesn’t effect the data then i don’t need to … i’m still learning!

thank you

If its just for the visual part in RTKplot you can use the Time edit in the menu to set wanted timeframe. Also sort out FIX by using Q1 from the drop down menu and change setting in general. This will not affect the .pos file.
For any trim of the .pos you need to use RTKpost

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thank you for your advice!

if you would like to have a look at my data… i’m still learning…

file contains,
original photos, base/rover log files, RTKpost configuration i used.

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