How to send commands via Wifi?

I have searched all the forums related to sending commands via WiFi. It seems like some people are doing this with the RPI3 and Navio 2.
Can anyone give me specific direction on how to do this or if its possible at all?

I’m using the RPI3 and Navio 2.
This a for a project where the drone will need to fly indoors and on a basement floor. There are several Wireless Access Points and internet connection is pretty consistent when moving from place to place.
The drone also needs to be able to fly pretty far from any controller.

I’m currently looking into Flytbase and switching to a Pixhawk, as it seems Pixhawk may able to perform the assignment without things getting too complicated.

Hi @maciastevin,

Do you want to establish communication with GCS over Wi-Fi?
You can configure UDP or TCP connection with GCS in ArduPilot config file.

It’s possible to control drone using Joystick. Note, that it’s recommended to keep telemetry connection as a backup.

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Yes, everything need to be done over WiFi.
I will try joystick and update the forum with results.

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Thanks so much for your help I was able to communcate with drone via WIFI.

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