How to save GPS, Glonass, Galileo raw data with Reach M+

Yesterday, I tried to acquire, convert, and process ubx raw data file acquired with Reach M+.
There was only GPS data in the ubx file.

How to setup Reachview to get all constellations data saved in the ubx file?

Thank you

Did you enable all constellations in the Reachview App?

Dear Christian,

Yes, they were enable in rtk settings.
Is there another menu?


Hi René,

Could you please share your Reach System report and raw logs?

Also please send us a screenshot of your RTKConv ‘Options’ window.

Here are some additional questions which may help shed some light:

How did you determine there was only GPS data in the UBX file? Did you use RTKCONV and RTKPOST? Did you check to make sure that the other constellations were enabled in the options menu of those programs (like @tatiana.andreeva is asking about) ? What version of RINEX were you using for output?

Dear Tatiana,
Here are requested files : screen capture and 10 min ubx (46.6 KB) (346.7 KB)

If you need something else, do not hesitate to ask

I see GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and SBAS in that file?

Dear Christian,
Thank you for your help, I will test on another computer where I had already processed data from leica or sxblues with gps and glonass

You might have disabled missing satellitesystem in RTKplot. Check options in the menutab

I deleted the RTKCONV.ini file in the folder
I launched again RTKCONV with correct settings and conversion went fine

Thank you all of your help
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