How to run 'on boot' / systemd

Can anyone (emlid?) give some guidelines how to autostart custom jobs?

In another thread the emlid advises to create systemd service to expose the IMU-data
But since there is no root access any more, how can we create the systemd service-files?

currently I’m on version 2.22.5 (Reach module & RS2).

Hi Andy,

We don’t recommend running scripts on Reach as adding any custom scripts or drivers may cause issues that we won’t be able to troubleshoot.

Instead, you can output the required data from Reach receiver to any 3-rd party controller. This can help you achieve your goals and, at the same time, keep the Reach’s integrity intact.

Hello Mikhail,

I totally agree/understand your point in trying to create an isolated/controlled environment, it’s the only way to guarantee cpu-cycles/resources and stability etc.

But could you advise about how to get the IMU-data out then?
As long as emlid is not exposing this data, I think it’s impossible without running some additional script/code on the device itself.
Here we’re told it’s possible to use the IMU, but any real-use is almost impossible without some basic tweaks. (yes it would be possible to pipe it out over ssh to a 3rd party component, but that would increase the on-device load even further, which should be avoided at all cost).

Food for thought

I think the tweakability and ‘open-minded-ness’ are (or at least it was in my case) some of the main selling points for the reach product line. I think it is very important to find a good balance between ‘closed box for stability’ and ‘open for help/creativity/tweakability’. Good collaboration between emlid and the community is essential in finding this balance. Otherwise I’m afraid emlid will lose customers and become yet another manufacturer of ‘cheaper’ GNSS products.

There are ways to create/harvest added value by community collaboration, the creative project-sharing is definitely a help in selling/marketing. Maybe some “reviewed by emlid”-label given to a tutorial written by the community could help both the thinkerers and emlid.
A lot of people would accept breaking changes in the future, or limited support if the added value of the ‘creativeness’ is big enough.
And I’m pretty sure some people want to do contributions as well… (if their would be such an option).

Anyway, I (and many others, see forum) would like to be able to use IMU data :pray:

Hi Andy,

For now, SPI is the only possible way to get IMU data from Reach without root access. Still, I’m afraid, we can barely provide a ready solution for this.

So for now, the only supported way is logging in on the device and start some script which sends out (to 3rd party device) the data received from SPI?

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